Tiger & Turtle

Magic Mountain, Duisburg

Tiger and Turtle - Magic Mountain is a sculpture reminiscent of a roller coaster and can also be walked on at the Heinrich-Hildebrand-Höhe in the Angerpark in Duisburg-Angerhausen. The large staircase is an artwork by Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth. It has been developed and installed in context of the "Capital of Culture" Ruhr.2010. The sculpture can be walked on completely except for the loop, but with a width of less than one meter, there are occasional bottlenecks. This is also the reason for a maximum of 195 people who are allowed to be on the construction at the same time. The highest accessible point is about 40 feet above the ground. Visitors have a spectacular view of the surrounding - mainly industrial - landscape, such as the Krupp Mannesmann iron and steel works in Hüttenheim, downtown Duisburg and the Rhine. On clear days - especially during the night hours - the state capital Düsseldorf can also be seen very clearly from the slagheap. For further information visit the sculpture's official website .