Welcome, Wayfarers of the digital Empires!

My name is Torvik, also called "the far travelled knight of the North". I come from an old Norwegian noble family based at Tromsø in Norway. Unfortunately my tribe impoverished over the centuries. Due to the precarious financial situation of my ancestors, I was forced to exchange my proud career as a fire-breathing and robbing crusader for a rather dreary job in the tourism industry. Together with my comrade-in-arms Nils Olav, I offered myself for sale to the modern sea crusaders in a souvenir shop. How unworthy this existence was! But in the winter of 2019 it happened that a traveller from Germania offered me a job as his travel companion. With a heavy heart I left my faithful friend Nils Olav, who is still dusting on the shelves of the tourist shop on the Storgata, and followed the stranger into unknown regions. And so they could be continued after all,

the Adventures of Torvik from Tromsø