SOLA 2017 - Marc Schultz Aviation Photography

Northern Wings at the SOLA 2017 Airshow

It had been "Showtime" again on June 10 and 11, 2017 at the Sola Air Station near Stavanger in Norway. The station is operated by the Royal Norwegian Air Force. Air Wing 134 is stationed at Sola along with helicopter Squadron 330. Also located at Sola is Stavanger Airport, Sola and an aviation museum. Near Sola, at Jåttå in Stavanger lies the homebase of NATOs Joint Warfare Center. The United States Air Force 426th Air Base Squadron provides support to 220 U.S. service members and their families working in support of NATO’s Joint Warfare Center.

The 2-day Norwegian Airshow combined a static and a flying display with a huge variety of modern and historic aircraft such as the Bell UH-1E Huey (Aircraft is actually based at Sola), Sea King, Safir Formation from the Sola Flystasjon Flyklubb, Blackshape formation operated by Air Combat Europe, DH-82 Tiger Moth from Kjeller, Sola based aircraft like the Fieseler Storch, Boeing Stearman and YAK-52, a Harvard Formation from the Norwegian Flying Aces and Wings of Freedom Organisation. Further participants included the PBY-Catalina and Spitfire formation, a Pitts Python from THOR Scandinavian Airshows, the Norwegian Dakota display (Dakota Norway), a Mustang and a Spitfire from the Norwegian Spitfire Foundation and a T-28 Trojan from Norwegian Flying Aces. More historic types were represent by a wonderfully restored Noorduyn Norseman Mk VI R-AF and two DeHavilland Vampires. In the more modern “Heavy Metal” section belong types such as 2 RNoAF F-16s, the italian Frecce Tricolori Display Team, the Breitling Jet Team and finally a Boeing 737-800 that is operated by “Norwegian” Airlines and that also took part in the flying display. All shots in this set were produced with Panasonic FZ2000 and FZ1000 cameras. Text includes some Wikipedia based information.