Letecké Muzeum Kbely

The Aviation Museum of Kbely is still an active military airfield near Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The location hosts one of the largest aircraft museums in Europe, covering more than 300 different aircraft types of which about half of them are accessible to the public. Kbely also has an interesting history: Already established as a military airfield at the beginning of the 20th century, it had been used for occasional air shows after WW I. In 1923 the first scheduled flight from here to Bratislava was launched by the then newly founded CSA Czechoslovak Airlines. Today the base is mainly used by the Czech Air Force for flight test operations. In 1967 the first major aircraft exhibition was organized and in the following year the Aviation Museum was officially launched celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Czechoslovak aviation industry. Over the time the museum had expanded to a large extent, from one to five halls and several large open areas. The permanent exhibition comprises around 100 types in halls, around 30 exhibits on open-air grounds, including a Tupolev TU-104 jetliner, and quite a number of still airworthy aircraft on the airfield itself. Finally there are a number of aircraft in different states of preservation in storage and therefore not on display to the public. The shots in this set have been taken in August 2009.