It is a well known fact that the city of Toulouse in southern France is connected to a long tradition in aviation history. Far less common is the existence of one of Europe’s most outstanding aircraft collections. Since 1980, the Ailes Anciennes Toulouse has been saving and restoring a unique collection of aircraft which it presents with passion to the public. The collection, one of the most important not only in France and Europe, is preserved by a team of passionate and dedicated volunteers. Parts of the exhibits are also presented in the rather new Aeroscopia Museum in Toulouse-Blagnac. Around 50 devices are presented on the museum’s own exhibition site which is located directly beside the Aeroscopia building. The organization owns a total of more than 100 different historic aircraft as well as individual aircraft engines or other related accessories. The shots in this set were taken in July 2017. I would like to express a special thanks to the AATLSE-Team at Blangac for their outstanding hospitality since they also invited me to have a close look “behind the scenes” in their repair- and renovation fascilities. For more detailed information on the Ailes Anciennes Toulouse Organization please visit .